Port of Portland - Mentor Protégé Program Management Consulting Services

March 10, 2020





Responses due: April 8, 2020 @ 3:00 pm




Sealed solicitations for the provision of Management Consulting Services will be received at the office of the Manager, Contracts and Procurement electronically.

The Port of Portland (Port) is seeking a Provider that shall be responsible for coordinating and facilitating MPP meetings and classes and assist in the recruitment of program participants.  The objective is to support protégé firm participants by ensuring meetings between mentors and protégés are taking place on a monthly basis and ensure protégé firms are engaging in training and education that will enhance the protégés business practices in marketing, operations and finance and lead to increased profitability, better understanding of business fundamentals and increased viability of the protégé firms success.  The Provider will be required to provide meeting minutes and regular updates to the Port.

No pre-proposal conference will be held.

Questions Concerning this solicitation must be submitted through the Port’s on-line Business Opportunities Vendor Portal.

Firms interested in receiving the solicitation document may obtain one by registering with the Port of Portland at www.portofportland.com through the Business Opportunities Vendor Portal under one of the following categories: 91800 Consulting Services; 91806 Administrative Consulting; 91820 Business Consulting, Small; 91835 Disadvantage Business Enterprise; 91875 Management Consulting; 91879 Minority and Small Business Consulting. Registration as a potential Port supplier is required in order to obtain the download.  Registered firms may view current business opportunities, receive electronic notification of Port solicitations, and have access to view and download copies of solicitations, addenda, and solicitation-holders lists.

Timolin Abrom

Manager, Contracts and Procurement

Port of Portland

Published March 10, 2020.

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